Academics at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School

Students have a choice of two tracks:  Spanish or Portuguese.  Within each track, there will be two programs, the Bilingual Education Advancement Program and the Bilingual Education Studies Program.  All students are expected to become fully bilingual and bicultural by the time they graduate.  Through the courses and schoolwide activities, students will be immersed in the Spanish and Portuguese cultures, allowing them to develop biculturalism.
DDCUS has three main goals.  The first goal is achieving academic excellence demonstrated through student achievement.  The school will maintain the highest standards of excellence through a rigorous and relevant academic program. Students will be placed in the highest track they can be successful at so they are always challenged and striving for distinction.  They will be supported by a highly qualified staff, using research-based instructional resources and practices, and delivering a superior educational program.  The second goal is providing a sound bilingual/ bicultural education that promotes global awareness in its students.  Students will learn to read, speak, and write in more than one language and will develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, languages, and diversity.  The third goal of the school is ensuring students graduate 12th grade college and career ready.  Students from DDCUS will leave the school prepared for a successful postsecondary education experience and ready to develop as professionals and global leaders in the 21st century.

Research supports bilingual education

There is ample research to support the successes and educational benefits of bilingual education. Please click the links below to learn more about the benefits of bilingual education.

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